Bulletin | April 2020

April has been full of activity for the Bajío Community Foundation (FCB). We have been adapting our projects and proposing new ones to support the health system as we face this new health crisis; We continue to work and connect sectors so that we may emerge stronger from this situation.

Face coverings – masks

We launched the Campaign Against the Shortage of Face Coverings on March 27, 14 volunteers joined the effort together with two factories, Iraform and TDZ Group who made the masks with the donations we received.

We contacted the VI Sanitary Jurisdiction in Irapuato to make sure that the resources would be used in the best way possible. More than 10,000 have been delivered to clinics and hospitals.

More than 9,500 face coverings have been delivered to representatives, local monitoring groups and community leaders who will help us distribute them to all the families of the communities of La Calera, Las Peñitas, Ex Hacienda de Márquez, Valencianita, Taretan, El Espejo, Nuevo Refugio, San Agustín de Las Flores, San Diego El Grande, Chichimequillas and Trancas.

To date, more than 20,000 washable face coverings have been delivered in total and there are some deliveries currently under way, but even more will be needed as the demand for medical services increases according to official projections.

Hand sanitizer

We also received a donation from Alcoholera del Centro S.A. de C.V. (ALCESA) of 600 liters of 96 ° alcohol; with this, 795 liters of hand sanitizer is being packaged, so far more than 500 containers have been distributed so far to health centers and gathering points in the communities.

The work of the Bajío Community Foundation depends on the collaboration of the Board of Directors and the professional work of many people. Research, gathering of information, bureaucratic processes and lots and lots of dialogue, with institutions and communities to push our work forward and achieve what we set out to do each year; You can help us continue our work by making a donation on the Paypal button on this page; You can also support us by sharing the publications made by the Foundation through this medium or on our different social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Youtube; Support the Foundation and support local development.