Bulletin May 2020

The Bajío Community Foundation (FCB) has been working very hard during the month of May; Adapting to the contingency, our projects have been modified to adjust to the new normality imposed by Covid-19.

The FCB team has gradually been able to adjust to the new work arrangements and the ways to maintain contact with the rural communities.

Maintaining communication networks with the institutions and inhabitants of these communities with which we collaborate, has been an essential activity for the FCB team.

The following is a summary of the main actions carried out by the FCB team on the last month.

Actions during the contingency.

Food distribution in the Northeast of Guanajuato

Together with the “Humanitarian Aid 3.0” group, it was possible to make a donation of 1000 meal packages, which were delivered in rural areas to families who really needed it, proving that working in partnership is possible, adding up the strengths of each organization.

Donation of masks to the Guanajuato Health System

Thanks to contributions and donations in kind from a group of Queretan families in conjunction with the company “Productos Pennsylvania S.A de C.V.” 448 protective masks were delivered to hospitals and health centers in various municipalities of the State of Guanajuato. The FCB gave the donation to medical personnel in direct contact with patients with Covid-19



Donations of Masks and Sanitizing Gel.

Continuing the campaign against the shortage of medical supplies, the Bajío Community Foundation continues to deliver the sanitizing gel and the masks donated by the TDZ Group company to different sectors of the population. From hospitals and health centers, to migrant travelers who cross the city of Irapuato.

Community work in Silao.

Paint and materials were obtained to repair some of the most significant community sites in the towns where we work. Restoring and dignifying public spaces of the Silao’s communities in which we operate.

Productive projects.

The Foundation team supports the inhabitants of the community with the preparation of business plans to meet the needs of the community, which is an essential requirement to be able to aspire to a source of financing and develop their project in a viable and sustainable way.

Delivery of Work Booklets for students from the communities

In alliance with the South-Eastern Education Delegation, we have managed to deliver on time the workbooks required by students from the communities in which we work, to continue their studies despite little access to the internet.


“Suma-Suma” Volunteering

We started an alliance with the Suma-suma platform, a digital site that seeks to link volunteers, organizations and sponsors to work on joint projects.

Five students from the University of Guanajuato joined the initiative as volunteers to upload and establish the first community services through the platform.

The work of the Bajío Community Foundation depends on the collaboration of the Board of Directors and the professional work of many people. Research, gathering of information, managing bureaucratic processes and a lot of dialogue, with institutions and communities to push and achieve what we set out to do each year; You can help us continue the work by making a donation on the Paypal button on this page; You can also support us by sharing the publications made by the Foundation through this medium or on our different social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Youtube; Support the Foundation and support local development.