Bulletin August 2020

The Bajío Community Foundation continues in August with its work for local development through different activities:

A fundraising campaign in Soriana stores for the local economy.

From August 1st to September 30th, all the contributions made by Soriana supermarket customers in 33 of the stores in the state of Guanajuato will be used to support two new productive projects that will expand services in the communities and strengthen the local economy.

A bakery in La Calera in Irapuato and a Water Purifier plant in Chichimequillas in Silao.

These projects arise from the needs embodied in the community plans of each monitoring group and will work with local entrepreneurs to make them financially successful and adequately serve the communities in which they will take place.

Chains of Production | Community of La Escobilla and San Nicolás del Carmen.

In the search to carry out projects that help develop the local economy, we began activities in the northeast of the state, meeting with small owners and people who seek to cultivate their lands to add them to the Sábila, Agave and Maguey production project.  This effort  involves residents, Salvemos el Río Laja A.C., Somos Mezcaleros A.C., the State Government,  the Municipal Government of San Luis de la Paz, companies and of course the Bajío Community Foundation. In an ambitious project that seeks to start a production chain to generate income for the families of the localities as well as an improvement in their diet.

Delivery of school supplies for the community of Las Peñitas

With the beguining of classes come certain expenses, which although this year are not the usual ones, it is important that children have the tools to carry out their tasks and learn as much as possible from their homes. That is why the Metal Mechanic Industry Workers’ Union (SITIMM) developed packages of school supplies to benefit basic education students in the community.

Delivery of donation to the Board of Trustees of the Maternal Hospital in SanLuis de la Paz.

The donation received by the Tiendas del Sol was channeled to benefit patients and visitors to the Maternal and Child Hospital in the northeast of our state. At Fundación Comunitaria del Bajío we are proud to be the bridge between this aid and people who really need it.

New projects

The Bajío Community Foundation continues to work to make the proposals and projects that arose with the pandemic come true; we met with the leaders of different governmental and non-governmental organizations exposing the ideas of the inhabitants and generating relationships to benefit the community.

The work of the Bajío Community Foundation depends on the collaboration of the Board of Directors and the professional work of many people. Research, gathering of information, managing bureaucratic processes and a lot of dialogue with institutions and communities to push and achieve what we set out to do each year. You can help us continue to work by making a donation on the Paypal button on this page,  you can also support us by sharing the publications made by the Foundation through this medium or on our different social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Youtube; Support the Foundation and support local development.