How we work

We meet with the
community for
listen to their
needs more

We evaluate the
need and
feasibility of
project before
taste it

We create a plan
and we went out looking

We start the project
with the community!

What motivates us to work at the Foundation?

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In Guanajuato

where do we work?

Frequent questions

What areas do we focus on?

We mainly work in the areas of education and development
economic and social

How do we choose the projects?

We choose the projects following a process of identification,
selection and analysis. After studying their feasibility, we carry them out.

What projects are considered "Other"?

We find that there are needs that we cannot group into these two categories. We group them in "Others" where we focus on the construction, improvement and rehabilitation of public buildings such as schools, community centers, health centers, etc., equipment for sports teams, among others, as well as improvement in public services such as drainage.

Why do we work in those areas?

We have detected that the communities have a series of needs that are not covered and that hinder the achievement of their integral development.

Do we follow up on completed projects?

Yes. The average monitoring of the project once completed is 3 years, although it varies depending on each one. The community will later take care of it.