We are a foundation dedicated to local development in the rural communities of the Bajío


empower people,
families and communities
applying the methodology
participatory and mobilizing
resources for the
local development.


be an association
sustainable citizen, with
multilateral allies,
promoting communities and
local leadership through
projects that promote
roots and identity.


Bajío Community Foundation is a civil organization that, in 23 years of work, has promoted groups in
communities towards local development opportunities, through a planning methodology
participatory with 6 lines of work; Health, Education, Social Development, Economic Development, Heritage
Intangible and Environment. Due to the aforementioned, the communities in which FCB influences are left with a
local development project for a minimum of 5 years, with which projects are based in favor of each
community. One of FCB's main strengths is working in multi-sector alliances.

The programs that have been launched are aimed at rebuilding the social fabric, strengthening and creating
local leaderships. The most recent achievement is the replication of the methodological process in 6 communities of
Irapuato surrounding the Castro del Rio Industrial Park (2016) and 5 communities of Silao surrounding the park
industrial FIPASI (2018), where the planning was carried out by the inhabitants of the communities themselves.

This has allowed various actions to be carried out to care for young people and to strengthen
extracurricular activities for the training of primary and secondary school students; It has been
collaborated in infrastructure and school equipment, employment training and direct involvement of
companies in community development. Thus, in this region, 3 community centers have been obtained
for education, training and employability.

What motivates us to work at the Foundation?

Our team

Adriana Maria Cortes Jimenez


Rafael Cuen Hernandez

Project coordinator

Mayela Vazquez Ochoa


Yahir Posada

Diffusion and Image Director

Our advice

Marcelino Balboa Guerra


Santiago Gandarillas Martinez

Vice president

Paul Marina Tanda


Fabiola Camarena Origel


Esperanza Chavez Vazquez

Vocal Economic Development

Alejandro Rangel Segovia

Member Social Development

Martha Romero Sielkman

Intangible Heritage Member

Alejandro Campos-Mota

Vocal Communication and Media

Guadalupe Villegas Vargas

Northeast Region Member

Julian Adane Miranda

Member Education